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Katie Annunziata, MEd

Adjunct Professor

MEd, Westfield State University; BA, Bay Path University

Katie Annunziata, MEd, a proud graduate of the Bay Path University Education Program, has been teaching future teachers as an adjunct professor since 2017. Annunziata not only teaches at the college level but also works full time as a third-grade teacher. After earning her Master’s Degree from Westfield State University and licensure as a Reading Specialist in the spring of 2017, she has fallen in love with the teaching of reading to both young children and future educators.

Annunziata especially enjoys teaching at Bay Path University through the eyes of someone currently in the field. Annunziata currently co-teaches with the special education teacher in a full-inclusion classroom. She brings current and significant classroom experiences into the courses to make learning relevant. Teaching at the University helps her to step back from the day-to-day curriculum of third grade and analyze current best practices in pedagogy. The tie between public education at the elementary level and the education of future teachers is a cornerstone of Annunziata’s teaching.