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President Carol Leary and Noel Leary's Story

“Like so many Americans, Noel and I are first-generation college students. In fact, I was the first in my family to graduate from college. We are children and grandchildren of immigrant families. When they came to America, they worked hard and sacrificed for us to have the opportunities they never had. They felt that no matter where you come from, education is the path to rise from humble beginnings and go on to great things.”

President Carol Leary: “I believe Noel and I were immediately comfortable at Bay Path because we share a common history with many of our students. To this day, we appreciate how hard they work both in and out of the classroom to meet the expectations of their families. They carry the weight of dreams, and they are the hopes of those who follow in their footsteps. I, too, have felt that burden and, at the same time, know their joys.

Noel Leary: “From the moment we visited campus, I turned to Carol and said this was home. It was just a feeling we had--just like so many students who to this day say the same thing--we could see ourselves in this place. I think a student once said, ‘Coming to Bay Path is like sitting on a big fuzzy couch in someone’s home.’ We could say the same thing. On so many levels, Bay Path was the perfect fit at the perfect time.

President Carol Leary: “I think both Noel and I can look back with pride that we made a difference in so many lives. How many people can say that? I will forever be in awe of our students and their energy, their will to learn, enthusiasm, and incredible talent that leaves me at times speechless. We owe it to them, and to the world, to keep that spark going. I know I will be leaving the University in good hands, and the good work will continue.

“Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem.”