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Paige's Story

Paige Neylon is a junior majoring in pre-occupational therapy. When not in the classroom, you can find her on stage participating in one of Bay Path’s theater productions. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and acting, but her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her friends here at Bay Path.

Paige NeylonIf I could share something about myself, it is that I care very deeply for others. I have always been one to love intensely, and I am very happy to have this quality. I not only show care for those I know, but I also care about strangers in passing. When I see someone having a hard time or needing someone to listen to, I do not hesitate to be the first to reach out to them and offer comfort. I do this because I know that I if needed a kind word or a helping hand, I would appreciate the gesture. So, even if I don’t know the whole situation, I try being there for someone in times of need.

During one of the rehearsals for the spring play, I remember one of the cast members was having a very rough day and was discussing it with our group. I didn’t know her very well at the time, but as she started to cry, I couldn’t help but move next to her and listen to everything that she was saying. I offered her my support by letting her know that if she needed a place to go and talk about anything, I was available and would be more than happy to be there for her. Over the course of the semester, we became even better friends. It really meant a lot to me when she told me how me being there at that moment helped her get through her issues and encouraged her to reach out to others. That’s why I truly enjoy striving to be kind—knowing it means something to others motivates me to continue to be this way.