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Megan's Story

Megan Griffin is a senior studying professional writing. She holds many positions on campus including Editor of Bay Path’s online student magazine Network News, a work-study position with the institutional marketing department, member of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Student Subcommittee, and a WELL (Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders) peer mentor. In her free time, she also enjoys reading, watercolor painting, and hiking with friends. Her favorite book is The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan.

“I came to Bay Path planning to major in psychology. In the second semester of my freshman year, my brother passed away by suicide. I decided to take the remainder of the semester off. I was scared at first because many people think that once you take a break from college, you are not going to come back. When I returned to campus the next semester, I struggled to continue my studies in psychology. I was in limbo because I was not sure what to do with my life. Fortunately, my experience in my work-study position at Strategic Alliances and encouragement from my supervisors pushed me to pursue professional writing. I decided to try it because I have always found comfort in writing, especially as a way to cope with grief. I am very happy that I made the choice to study professional writing as it is truly something that I’m passionate about.”

“I always wanted to become a WELL peer mentor because of how much mine, Maryanisa DelRio ’19, helped me. She was able to be my friend but also guide me professionally. In my position as a peer mentor, I enjoyed sharing my personal stories with others. Because of the unusual path I have taken in my education, I wanted to share that with other students who are going through similar things. I want them to know it is okay to take a different path. Everyone has a different journey. If I had not taken the time off to grieve, I would not have succeeded in my time here at Bay Path.”

“Diversity and inclusion to me means opening up the space for all different types of stories and people. I think it is important to always be curious and want to learn more. People should never close the door on things just because they don’t know much about it.”

Favorite quote: “In Omnia Paratus.” (Ready for anything.)