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Maria's Story

Maria Gil is a junior majoring in forensic psychology with a Certificate in Advanced Paralegal Studies. She is currently interested in both legal studies and psychology, and is undecided as to what path she should pursue. She does know that she would like to work with victims of sexual abuse. She enjoys watching documentaries and televisions series, such as Law & Order: SVU Another favorite pastime she has is going to the beach…when it’s hot of course.

I am a first-generation student raised in a single parent home. In my senior year in high school, I held many leadership roles (Student Council President, peer mentor, and member of the Connecticut Association of Schools advisory board). These roles led me to become a peer mentor/orientation leader, president of the International Law Club, and a student ambassador at Bay Path University. During my sophomore year, I was inducted into Psi Chi International Honor Society and won the Dr. Jeanette T. Wright Leadership Award.

Maria Gil '20Different emotions come to me when I think of the success I have had in these roles. I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I have made a difference, and I will continue to make a difference by motivating others to take on leadership roles. I was always the shy girl who never took initiative. But when I got my first leadership role, it opened my eyes and made me realize I could actually be a leader. Yes, growing up in a single parent home groomed me into being more prepared to take on leadership positions because there were times where I had to take the lead at home (making dinner, cleaning around the house, helping my brother with homework) while my mom was at work. The end result—what I learn from others while being a leader is what drives me to succeed.