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Cassidy's Story

Cassidy Bowden is a fearless adventurer who enjoys exploring new cities and learning about new things. She is proud to be from Maine, and once you meet her you can see she has the qualities often associated with the Pine Tree state: independent, genuine, and down to earth. As another Mainer has so eloquently stated, “Maine...has something – charm, charisma, mystery, magic … something for which the perfect word hasn’t been invented. That “thing” just seems to grab hold and flow into your soul.” Once you are from Maine, as Cassidy knows, you are always from Maine.

“I'm from a small town in Maine where everybody knows everybody. The people there are all very similar, both in looks and their core values. It's not a very diverse community, but I love where I come from and it's definitely shaped me into the person I am. I'm outdoorsy, because in Maine there's not much to do so you better like the outdoors. I grew up going on vacations that were camping with my family, kayaking, canoeing, sleeping in tents, and roasting marshmallows by the fire. I played in the backyard. I played sports in the summer sun. That was my life growing up.

Cassidy Bowden '19I knew it would be hard moving away from my family, but ultimately, I welcomed the change of coming to Massachusetts. I knew that I was from a very tiny community, and there was more of the world for me to see. If you just stay in the same place your whole life, you don't really grow.

My first year at Bay Path was really difficult for me, and I experienced a culture shock. I became very depressed and anxious. When you’re young, you don't really realize how much support you have around you because you're used to it. Luckily, I had my mother, great-aunt, and grandfather. I called home almost every day, and I am grateful for building those relationships with them. Then you get out of that environment and it can be lonesome not having that support nearby.

Since coming to Bay Path, I’ve learned how to build support networks and to advocate for myself and others. I’ve grown into my independence. By myself, I have traveled twice to Washington, DC, as well as to England. I did an internship in Philadelphia and I took advantage of exploring the city on my own. I am curious about others, and I am willing to put myself out there so that I can grow and become a better person. I've come to realize that your grades and your GPA aren’t all that makes you who you are. It's more important to be a good person.”