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Lexie's Story

Alexandra Poppiti is a recent graduate of our occupational therapy program. She completed her undergraduate studies at Bay Path majoring in occupational therapy and minoring in both general education and child psychology. While at Bay Path, Lexie served as an orientation leader, peer mentor, tutor, and has participated in many clubs.

Alexandra Poppiti ’19I am known to be very positive. I always have a bright outlook on situations and I try not to dwell on the negative when I am around others. However, the strength I show every day walking through campus does not always mean behind closed doors I am the strong person others know and see. A quote shared by one of my mental health teachers was along the lines of, ‘ always have a strong friend who checks on you, but once in a while that strong friend needs to be checked on, too.’ I am usually that strong friend. So, just having people know, yes, I have a smile on my face, it does not mean the smile is always reflecting happiness. I am very good at controlling my emotions, and for a long time I used to think that was a weakness. But now I do not think being sad or unhappy is negative. I think it is something we really need to reflect on to allow ourselves to see how we can change our lives and develop.

I have learned that being asked ‘how are you doing?’ means the world to me, and it can for other people, too, who may be going through an emotional rollercoaster. At the end of the day, I know I do not have to be perfect. Perfect is such an undefinable word, and I want to make up my own word for perfect that does not have mean having everything in perfect order and having it be straight as a pin. I have also realized seeking help is not imperfection, it is a way for me to grow.