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WELL: Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders

Prepare to change your life.

These are the words that are at the heart of your undergraduate experience and describe WELL—a program that propels you to take ownership of your life and prepares you for a constantly changing world. From your first year to senior year, you’ll be part of a multi-dimensional learning experience that weaves together WELL courses, leadership skills, career preparation, and community service.

Beginning in the first class, you will be challenged to find out who you are. To discover your passion and purpose. With the guidance of faculty, staff and career coaches, you will develop a life and career plan that will evolve and change. You will begin to build your confidence. Each course you take in WELL strengthens your capacity to lead—not only within yourself, but others. And along the way in your WELL journey, you will find there is a network of advisors and professors who are highly intentional in helping you to have the tools, experiences and knowledge to succeed.

Be prepared to change your life.  Be prepared to lead.  Here’s how it will happen…