WELL: Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders

Students outside Deepwood Hall on the Bay Path campus

Women-focused. Purposeful leadership. Global, multi-cultural perspectives. Social awareness. Confidence and conviction.

These are just some of the words that describe the WELL Program—a program that will help you take ownership of your life and change how you will see the world. From your first year to senior year, you’ll be part of a shared learning and community experience that weaves together WELL courses, University events, community service, career preparation, and leadership skills. 

Helping you on your journey of discovery will be the annual University Theme. As part of the theme, the entire Bay Path community participates in a host of events, lectures, class assignments, and special activities--sparking discussion and interconnections. 

What to expect in the WELL Program

Four courses frame the academic component of the WELL program. WEL 100, WEL 300 and WEL 400 are core courses that are taken by all undergraduates; WEL 200 is offered as an elective during your sophomore year. 

Through this curricular component, you are introduced to academics and resources, and will strengthen your skills in research, writing, public presentation, speaking, analysis, synthesis, and technology as needed to become empowered learners. You will discover your strengths and set personal, academic and professional goals using self-assessment and career planning tools. You will explore the leadership traits needed to a woman of influence who has the knowledge and tools to lead a value-driven life. You will conduct research on local and global issues that affect women, and present your findings at the end-of semester WELL Symposium.

WELL E-Portfolio - Think of it as collection of your experiences at Bay Path, a record of your achievement. It could be papers, photographs, a video you developed, a power point presentation, or any other piece of information that is a reflection of you. When you complete your e-portfolio in WELL 400, you’ll have a powerful statement about your academic experience that you can use for applying to graduate school or professional work.

The WELL Passport - As a first-year student, you will receive a passport enabling you to attend a variety of activities (academic and non-academic) that will be designated as “Passport activities.” You can even personalize your passport, and for every Passport event you attend you’ll receive a unique stamp. From time to time, students who have a certain number/kind of stamp(s) will be entered in a raffle to earn great prizes. As you near graduation, you’ll find that the passport has provided you with a special memento of your active life at Bay Path!

Peer Advising - Each WELL 100 section is assigned an upper-class student who provides informal advising on issues such as life-school balance, on-campus resources, making personal connections and participating in social events.

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