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Update for The American Women's College Students from Dr. Maura Devlin

March 29, 2020

Dear Student:

Your success remains a top priority for The American Women’s College, and we have taken steps to help you continue your learning this semester in light of the interruptions caused by COVID-19. As previously announced, we reduced the late work penalty in weeks 2 - 6 and clarified that late work in week 6 would be accepted until 11:59 PM on the Tuesday following the last day of each session. These interim policies are in place throughout the rest of the Spring 2020 semester.

To provide more flexibility in supporting your learning and meeting your degree program goals, we are also allowing a pass/fail grading option and we are extending the course withdrawal date for Sessions 2 and 3 in the Spring 2020 semester.

Course Withdrawals for The American Women’s College:

The course withdrawal deadlines for Sessions 2 and 3 in the Spring 2020 semester have been extended until the last day of class in each session. Withdrawing from a course will NOT impact your financial aid package. Course withdrawals will result in “W”s on the official transcript, no course credit will be earned, and students’ cumulative GPA will NOT be affected. Please note that tuition will not be reimbursed if a student elects to withdraw from any or all courses.

In order to withdraw from Session 2 and 3 classes in Spring 2020, students must submit the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form found on the Portal by the following dates for each session:

Spring 2

Current Withdrawal Date: May 15
Extended Withdrawal Date: May 30

Spring 3

Current Withdrawal Date: July 17
Extended Withdrawal Date: July 25

Pass/Fail Grading Option for The American Women’s College:

Please read carefully the details about the pass/fail grading option. While this will be extended to all students at TAWC in Spring 2020, this option may not be the best plan for you, depending on your particular circumstances. If you are unsure if you should request pass/fail grading for Session 2 or 3 courses in Spring 2020, consult your Educator Coach.

  • After final course grades are reported, students will have the option of requesting that final grades in any courses be changed to “Pass/Fail.”
  • Upon request by a student, a grade of “Pass” will be recorded in place of a letter grade of D or higher. A grade of “Fail” will be recorded for grades less than a D.
  • Requests to convert a letter grade in a Spring 2020 course to “Pass/Fail” must be made in the 7-day window after final grades have been published. Please note that instructions for grade conversion requests will be forthcoming from the Registrar’s Office.
    • Students wishing to convert a grade in Spring 2 to “Pass/Fail” must do so between Friday 6/5/2020 at noon EST and Friday 6/12/2020 at noon EST.
    • Students wishing to convert a grade in Spring 3 to “Pass/Fail” must do so between Friday 7/31/2020 at noon EST and Friday 8/7/2020 at noon EST.
  • It is important to note that other institutions (i.e. medical schools, law schools, accrediting bodies, and others) may not consider a course with a grade of “Pass” as sufficient for admittance or transfer. Students taking courses as non-matriculated students through consortial arrangements, such as the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield or Acadeum, will want to consult their home institutions to understand whether a grade of “Pass” meets their institutional guidelines. It is highly recommended that students consult with their Educator Coach to understand the potential implications before converting a course grade to “Pass”.
  • Courses converted to “Pass/Fail” status WILL count toward a student's credit hour total for the semester, but “Pass” grades will not factor into a student's term GPA. A student's remaining term GPA will be used to calculate their eligibility for Dean's List or Maroon Key status for the semester. [Exception: Students who only have ‘P’ grades and do not have any letter grades in the Spring 2020 semester will not be eligible for Dean’s List, as none of their courses would yield a GPA for the semester.]
  • Requests for grade conversion will be final.
  • Note: During the week that students may make grade conversion requests, Bay Path will be unable to release transcripts.
  • Some courses at The American Women’s College require a certain letter grade before a student can progress to the next course in an academic sequence. Please consult the Catalog or your Educator Coach about whether letter grade prerequisites are required in your degree program.
  • Eligibility for some external national honor societies may be impacted by “Pass” grades. TAWC currently participates in honor societies for its psychology majors (and minors), criminal justice majors, and legal studies majors. The University is also exploring a national nursing honor society. Please consult your Educator Coach to understand how a grade of “Pass” might impact your eligibility in these honor societies.
  • Some employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement programs require letter grading. Please consult your employer’s tuition reimbursement program details and requirements.

These revised academic policies will provide more flexible support for your academic success during this time of crisis. We admire your persistence in pursuing your education, and we hope you and your loved ones are staying as safe and as sane as you can.

Dr. Maura Devlin
Deputy Chief Learning Officer