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Coronavirus Update 04-01-2020: Commencement

Dear Bay Path University Graduating Students,

Commencement marks the culmination of all you have achieved during your educational journey. It is your time to shine, and to share your joy with family and friends.

It is a time that all of us cherish, too—your faculty, staff, and Trustees who have witnessed your transformation. For me personally, given my plans to retire, the class of 2020 and your Commencement have special meaning.

So it is particularly difficult to share the deeply disappointing news with you that your Commencement ceremony will not be held as planned on May 17. The decision to postpone Commencement and all related activities was made with a heavy heart. We know that you deserve to be recognized for your years of hard work... that you deserve to hear the thunderous applause of proud families and friends… that you deserve to be celebrated.

And we are not going to let the unprecedented crisis that has upended our lives deny you what you deserve.

We will celebrate you.

Your Commencement will take place. And as Bay Path’s Commencement Committee evaluates alternative plans, we’d like your input. Help us creatively conceive of a ceremony that will acknowledge the accomplishments of the great class of 2020. Tomorrow you will receive a survey to help guide the Committee in its consideration of time and place. Please respond. We hope to schedule the new date by mid-April at which point we will confirm it with you. Updates will also be posted to

Together, we will create a Commencement to commemorate your achievements and your dreams for the future.


Carol A. Leary