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Coronavirus Update 6-18-2020: Working Remotely

Today, the Executive Staff confirmed the decision to continue our practice of working remotely through the month of July. At this time, we anticipate a phased return to work, with 30% of employees returning to campus locations on Monday, August 3.

This extension will allow our internal working groups the time necessary to implement recommendations that will ensure our physical locations are prepared to maintain the health and well-being of our community. Over the next month, department supervisors will work with divisional vice presidents to develop plans for scheduling staff who will be returning to work in August.

As noted in an earlier email, plans will reflect new safety measures and guidelines, potentially including testing, new signage, training, and social distancing. These are just a few of the many considerations under discussion.

Recommendations and analysis of internal and external factors also continue as we consider options for returning students to campus locations for the fall semester. Various scenarios are being assessed and we anticipate the decision will be confirmed within the next three to four weeks.

In July, additional information will be provided to all faculty and staff regarding employees and students returning to campus.

In the meantime, please remain well and safe.