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Lan Vu G’15

Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

My degree prepared me for a career in the challenging field of internal medicine. 

As a physician assistant at Baystate Medical Center, each day is a learning experience. Every single time a patient comes to the door, it’s a puzzle that we have to solve. It’s up to me to assess what’s ailing the person, and from there, I work alongside the supervising physician, execute treatment and carry out medical management. During the process, I get to work with all kinds of specialists who have the same goal: cure the patient.
Treatment ideology was something I learned in my classes at Bay Path, and when it comes to prescribing medications, I often refer back to notes from the pharmacology lectures. The second year of the physician assistant studies program focused solely on rotations. I visited different sites and got on-the-job training in many specialties. That helped me narrow down what I wanted to do—internal medicine. In this field, you have to know a little bit about everything, and maintain an awareness of all aspects of health to make an accurate diagnosis. I was fortunate to spend a two-month rotation training at Baystate, and was offered a position before I graduated.
Physician assistants do a lot of good things to help people on a daily basis. The work is diverse and fulfilling—it’s an exciting, fast-paced, and promising field to work in. I’m proud to be a physician assistant. 

Please visit the MS in Physician Assistant Studies program page to learn about curriculum, faculty, program options, and more! 

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