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Kelly Bernier '18

Within each of our students is an inspirational story of perseverance and strength, and we are honored to share them with our Bay Path community. This narrative originally appeared as part of Bay Path's #MyPath and #SmallBusinessSaturday on social media.

“Doctors couldn’t figure out for the longest time why I was in so much pain. I was tossed around from doctor to doctor and put on multiple medications. I grew up with a lot of physical and mental disorders like fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, and I went through some physical and emotional trauma as well. By my early teens, my body was pretty beat up. I told my mom one day that enough is enough. I’m done with western medicine. It wasn’t working for me. It was making me sicker. I looked into things like eating healthier and switched to a plant-based diet. I tried natural things. I drank tea. And, having done all that over time, I’m now 100% free of the symptoms I had when I was younger. I totally believe in it, and I guess that was my motivation for starting this business, Bitter Day Herbals. I was actually at Bay Path when that happened. I entered the Harold Grinspoon Concept Competition unaware of how ‘professional’ it was. I thought the winner would get a sweatshirt or something. No, I won and the next thing I knew I was building an actual business. I was going to events to meet business partners. I absolutely did not ever see this for myself. At one time, I didn’t think I’d even go to college. It’s transformed me from a young girl interested in herbalism into this powerhouse who’s able to make a suggestion to a stranger based on knowledge and experience. It’s made me so much more confident in who I am and what I know. It’s shown me I’m good at taking care of people. These techniques worked for me, so starting this business was about becoming a voice. An advocate. To let people know there are alternatives so that, hopefully, they don’t have to suffer like I did without answers for many, many years. I determined that was my purpose. Because it really could change or save a life like it did mine.” -Kelly Bernier ’18 #MyPath #SmallBusinessSaturday

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