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Graduate College
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Dawn Leaks ’03 G’10 G’13

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices, Master of Science in Communications and Information Management

Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, and now I’m successfully building my client base as a Leadership/Business Coach.

My Bay Path education encompasses four degrees—an associate degree in business, a bachelor’s degree in information technology, an MBA (Master of Business Administration), and a master’s degree in communications and information management—but above all, the communication theory coursework in the CIM program has been invaluable for me as I continue to establish my coaching practice. Several companies that I’ve been prospecting for executive training cite one major deficit for employees: effective communication. Through my practice, I help people build their confidence, strategize, and motivate themselves and their teams to reach their goals, and now am also able to help them better relate to one another—a specialization I honed through my studies.  

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