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Longmeadow, MA--Bay Path University was included on a list of the 50 Best Health Science Degrees put together by the education resource website,

The university was ranked 18th, with citing Bay Path’s Physician Assistant and Occupational Therapy degrees and the facilities at the state-of-the-art Philip H. Ryan Health Science Center as especially noteworthy attributes. 

To create the list, analyzed colleges across the country, looking at academic excellence, program choice and flexibility, and student opportunities. The rankings are partially based on U.S. Department of Education data, such as graduation rates, tuition costs, and student-to-faculty ratio, and the list includes schools that provide hands-on experience and access to laboratories and facilities necessary for training in a health sciences career at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Bay Path offers 13 graduate level health science degrees, as well as eight programs at the undergraduate level that prepare students to enter careers in health sciences, in both clinical and administrative roles. 

“Our health sciences department offers interdisciplinary programs that embed experiential learning into the curriculum,” explains Kathy Wiezbicki-Stevens, Director of Pre-Occupational Therapy Studies and Health & Human Services Programs at Bay Path.

“Students have opportunities and options to prepare for a variety of careers in healthcare, social services, occupational therapy, and public health,” she continues. “These are fast-growing industries that demand adaptability and flexibility in various roles and settings, so our unique, interdisciplinary approach prepares students for the types of scenarios they'll encounter in these professions.”