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Bay Path University Hosts Fifth President's Gala: Breaking Through in Support of Healthcare Education

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Longmeadow, MA – (February 13, 2024) – Bay Path University, an innovative institution committed to empowering learners for success in their professional lives, proudly announces the fifth President's Gala, themed "Breaking Through." The gala will focus on supporting learners enrolled in healthcare degree programs, recognizing their resilience and dedication.

Bay Path's healthcare degree programs are highly regarded for their academic rigor, practical relevance, faculty expertise, industry connections, flexibility, and support services, all of which contribute to an exceptional educational experience for learners pursuing careers in healthcare.

Like many regions across the country, Western Massachusetts faces shortages in many healthcare professions, including primary care physicians, nurses, and mental health providers. Through its more than 20 undergraduate and graduate healthcare degrees, Bay Path is educating and training future healthcare workers to be on the frontline of helping to keep our communities safe and healthy.

Both healthcare policy and advocacy play crucial roles in shaping the healthcare landscape in Western Massachusetts.  To that end, the University is proud that The Honorable Richard E. Neal, U.S. Representative for Massachusetts's 1st congressional district, and Sister Mary Caritas, SP, a distinguished figure in healthcare and education and former president of Mercy Medical Center, will be honorary chairs for this prestigious event.

"We are thrilled to host the fifth President's Gala with a theme that encapsulates the essence of our learners' journey – Breaking Through. Through incredibly personal and moving stories, we will be celebrating the accomplishments of our learners and healthcare alumni and the impact they have in our communities.  Support of the Gala will provide scholarships and needed financial support for our learners to ensure they will have the opportunities that will make an impact on their lives and of patients," said Sandra J. Doran, President of Bay Path University.

Event Details

The Gala will be held on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA.  The evening will begin with a 5:30 p.m. VIP reception, followed by dinner, program presentations, and dancing.

Tickets can be purchased by here or calling 413.565.1063.

Gala Highlights

Breaking Through: The theme "Breaking Through" symbolizes the triumphs of our learners in healthcare degree programs, overcoming challenges, and making significant strides in their academic and professional journeys.

Honorary Chairs: The Honorable Richard E. Neal, a tireless advocate for education and healthcare, and Sister Mary Caritas, a compassionate leader in healthcare for our region, will lend their support to underscore the importance of healthcare education.

The Honorable Richard E. Neal expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "“As a learning institution with a long history of uplifting a diverse student body, creating opportunities for first-generation college students, this year’s theme ‘Breaking Through’ epitomizes the role Bay Path plays in our community. Supporting educational initiatives, especially in the healthcare field, is vital for the progress of our region. I am honored to be part of an event that empowers students and champions the future leaders of the healthcare industry."

And Sister Mary Caritas, former president of Mercy Medical Center, added, "As someone dedicated to healthcare and education, I am delighted to support Bay Path University's efforts in empowering learners to make a positive impact in the healthcare sector."

Supporting Learners: Proceeds from the gala will directly contribute to scholarships, resources, and initiatives that benefit learners pursuing healthcare degrees, reinforcing Bay Path University's commitment to fostering excellence in the healthcare field.

Gala Experience: Attendees can expect an unforgettable evening featuring a gala dinner, live entertainment, and inspiring stories from learners, alumni, and notable figures in healthcare and education.

Vision Chairs:  Carrie R. '86 and Timothy Burr, Bay Path University Alumna and Board Chair, and Roberta B. and Robert Bolduc, Bay Path University Emerita Trustee, Community Leaders and Healthcare Advocates serve as our Vision Chairs supporting the efforts of this major fundraising effort.

To view our full list of Gala committee members, sponsors, and additional event details, please visit the Gala website.