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Bay Path Announces No Tuition Increase for Traditional Undergraduate Students

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At a time when many students and their families are experiencing unique financial pressures, Bay Path University is pleased to share there will be no tuition increase for traditional undergraduate students in the 2021-2022 academic year. The Board of Trustees unanimously approved this action during their fall meeting.

Bay Path students enrolled in the traditional undergraduate program will pay the same tuition rates in the 2021-2022 academic year as they do in the current academic year. The same rates will apply to new and first-year students as well. Additionally, there will be no increase in room and board rates during the upcoming academic year for those students residing on campus.

“I am grateful to our Board of Trustees for their unwavering support and their steadfast commitment to our students,” said Sandra J. Doran, JD, president of Bay Pay University.

Bay Path has one of the lowest tuition rates of private colleges in western Massachusetts. As of Fall 2020, 99% of traditional undergraduate students receive financial aid and 58% are pell-eligible. Also, 43% of this population are students of color and 40% are first-generation students. The majority of students, 89%, reside in MA or CT.

“Providing a high-quality education for our undergraduate women focused on their careers is our mission,” said Doran. “Our students are committed to their education, to finishing their degrees; therefore, providing flexible and affordable education is a key priority and is central to our mission of serving and meeting all students.”

For more information, please contact Bay Path’s Office of Student Financial Services at 413-565-1256, toll-free at 800-782-7284 ext. 1256, or at