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Volleyball Team Spikes Its Way to the National Championships!

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And Now We Know the Rest of the Story… 

If you have been following the Bay Path Wildcats Volleyball team, then you know they have been having a banner year on the hardcourts. Not only have they been breaking records, but they have ended the season firmly entrenched with their #2 NATIONAL ranking. 

On the last official game of the season (Bay Path vs MCLA), Coach Heather Longley learned the great news. Bay Path had punched its way to the 2023 USCAA National Championships in Uniontown, PA, as the Number 2 seed in Division 1. 

In their first game of the post-season, Bay Path will play #3 seed Carlow University at 11:30 a.m. on November 9.

Carpe Diem to the entire Bay Path Wildcats Volleyball Team: 

Lilly Kibbe '25 (Captain); Zyiasia Knighton '24; Isabella Melo '27; Victoria Burkovskiy '25; KyLee Finch '26; Mayouri Yath '25; LilyGrace Xayachack '27; Michelle Santiago '26; Shanayah St Phard '27; Kryslyn Hill '27; Janaye Cunningham '26; Anastasiya Tsetsko '26; Mckenzie Labier '27; Asja Kazic '27; Lorin Danaher '27.

Go Wildcats!

Posted:  October 26, 2023

Bay Path's Wildcats volleyball team is closing out its season with a resounding roar! The maroon and white have been spiking their opponents while earning a Number 2 NATIONAL ranking by the United States Small School Athletic Conference. 

This powerhouse squad is led by Captain Lilly Kibbe '25, and First-Team All-American and the USCAA DI Women's Volleyball Player of the Year for 2022 Anastasiya Tsetsko'26. But these Wildcats are a different breed:  their camaraderie and support has created a team where they all contribute, and all play to win (while enjoy playing, too!)

What is the secret to their winning ways? Third-year Coach Heather Longley gives some insight as to why the Bay Path Wildcats are ruling the hard courts…

"I would say that this is the best season so far, and we are hoping to tie the statistic of most wins in the history of volleyball at BPU. The record is 14 wins in a season and currently we are at 10 with three left. And then there is the national tournament. I am very optimistic we can do it.

"They are a team that really gels. I know from experience that you play best with people you love and care about. I learned that as a player. Since the players are from all over the country, I encouraged them to bond through texting and email. Even before they started the season, they all knew each other so well. They are like siblings. I have never coached a team as close as they are. They truly trust each other and that is so important on the court. It's what makes a winning team.

"All these student-athletes have come to play. And I must mention that because of our success, a lot of prospective players are now emailing me. The dynamics have shifted. But the bottom line is that both the volleyball program and the school have to be a good fit. Our current team is a great illustration of that fact.

"It also helps that interest in volleyball is exploding. Today, college volleyball is getting aired on ESPN. And now the sport is opening up to younger age groups. We have eight and nine-year-old children playing the game. The future looks good.

"We have a great team with 15 members, including one senior and two juniors. This is a young squad with six first-year students. So, our future looks good."

Actually, their future looks great. And if you haven't seen the Wildcats play, you have two great local games to take in the action:

Holyoke Community College in Holyoke, MA, at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 26;

Anna Maria College at the Longmeadow Adult Center at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29

Their final game will by MCLA at MCLA on November 1. Then, fingers crossed, it's on to the Big Championship!