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Virtual Gallery Walk Through: 20th to 21st - An Art Exhibit by Cora Swan '24

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Black History Month is an intersection of past and present - diving deep into the history of the experience and realities of Black people throughout America's history, including present day, and celebrating the culture, achievements, and successes that are woven so deeply into the fabric of America.

The University is proud to share 20th to 21st: African American Civil Rights Pioneers, an art exhibit by student Cora Swan '24. Through her incredible artwork, Cora highlights both the past and present, creating powerful images of Black men and women who have shaped, and are currently shaping, history. 

"I hope that these pieces will allow for those of us at Bay Path with the lack of understanding towards the fight for civil rights to take some time and absorb the faces of those who fought, and are still fighting for the liberty of Black America." - Cora Swan


Although Blake Student Commons is closed to the public due to COVID safety regulations, this exhibit is too important to miss. Please enjoy a virtual gallery viewing of 20th to 21st: African American Civil Rights Pioneers.

This exhibition is sponsored by the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Art Submcommittee.