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Third ‘Virtual’ Thumbprint Lecture with Dr. Latoya Bosworth

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On Tuesday March 9, the Bay Path community welcomed Bay Path graduate school alum, Dr. Latoya Bosworth, known to many as “Brenda’s Child.” Dr. Bosworth is a life coach, keynote speaker, and adjunct professor of human services and education.

With the theme “Living Life with Purpose and Passion,” she shared her powerful story of overcoming childhood tragedy, adolescent eating disorders, body image issues, poverty, and adult interpersonal violence. WELL Program Director Dinah Moore said, "Her willingness to share her story that night with others speaks to her dedication to help those around her. Her willingness to share also let others know that they are not alone and can accomplish all that they set their mind to!"

Dr. Bosworth inspired attendees to find their magic. In her own experience, she has acknolwedged her own inner magic: "It's always been there, even if it's unclear."

According to Bosworth, the 'magic' is your potential and how you use your potential to achieve your purpose. She said that "Purpose is always there, even if you cannot see it. It will eventually pop up to guide you along your way."

"Your purpose is so divinely chosen that things will manifest - seemingly out of nowhere. You are meant to do something bigger than who you are."

Dr. Bosworth advised attendees to identify what you are good at and what gives you joy. Then, you should be open to new experiences.

Dr. Bosworth also encouraged attendees to acknowledge that purpose keeps us alive and that people with purpose live longer. While focusing on purpose and passion, we also need to sometimes share or get to know what makes you vulnerable.

While Bosworth appears as this energetic, hopeful bundle of motivation, she shared some of tough moments in her life. Bosworth was just 12 when her grandmother died on Christmas Day. As her grandmother's first grandchild, she was heartbroken. Also, Bosworth has weathered many health challenges. She emerged from these life situations to educate and advocate for others through her own experience. "I needed to go through these trials to get to where I am today," she said. She inspires everyone to move through their own obstacles to realize their wildest dreams. Thank you for sharing your story!

This article is also featured in the April 2021 issue of the Network News Student Magazine.