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The Student Becomes the Teacher at Academic Achievement Day

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The Bay Path community gathered together last week to celebrate some of their greatest achievements of the year – the work of their students. Over 175 students participated in 48 student-led presentations, with topics including genetic counseling, creative entrepreneurship, neuroscience, professional advocacy, college success coach models, piano and dance company performances, and many more.


While the presentations themselves were impressive, with many science students diving deep into their lab research, education students sharing their field work, and accounting students showing off their data reporting skills, perhaps the most inspiring lessons came from what the students said they learned about themselves.


“If you think you can, you can,” shared The American Women’s College student Melissa Widing ‘19, after sharing a synopsis of her research project that inspired her to continue her work with a shelter long after she finishes her class. Kathryn Coleman ‘19, who shared her experiment on the efficacy of date rape drug detention kits as well as her immunology internship at Sanofi, stated that the most important thing she learned at Bay Path that she applied to her internship was to “sit at the table and use your voice. Be proud of it.”


Emily Lucas ‘19, who presented on a trauma-based conference she attended, added that volunteering at the conference allowed her and her fellow students to be seen as equals with other conference attendees.  “Attending the conference built my toolkit of experience in my field,” Lucas said.


Speaking of the impact Bay Path’s signature WELL (Women as Empowered Leaders and Learners) program had on her, student Katarzyna Lambert ‘20, who received a job offer in the midst of learning how to prepare for interviews and to negotiate offers shared, “I followed all the steps and even though it was stressful, it worked. This class changed my life.”