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REmembering the WLC: The BPU Nonprofit Club

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Contributed by Heather Lannon '23, nonprofit Management and Marketing major and Founder and President of Bay Path University's Nonprofit Club


Walking into the MassMutual Center on Friday felt like a dream. While setting up the Nonprofit Club table I was overcome with a sense of gratitude, this beautiful venue would be bustling with life in only a few minutes, and I took a chance to take it all in. To be able to be present at the WLC was an honor, and we were a vendor hosting a swabbing drive with the Gift of Life Marrow Registry! Looking at the club table I had a chance to reflect on all the hard work myself and my incredible club members put in over the past two years. It felt amazing to have our hard work recognized and featured at this long-awaited event. Once the doors were opened hundreds of leaders poured into the venue. I found myself talking to women from all walks of life and professions from alumni, current students, faculty, and successful business leaders, all had their own story. Being able to share the work of our club while being in person was so uplifting.

All day I had a front row seat of experiencing the event with the attendees and other vendors. I recall seeing two women spot each other from across the main hall and reunite with a hug and cheers of excitement. Professors and online students were able to meet for the first time in person. The energy in the room was contagious and it was electric to experience alongside so many others. I cannot count the number of times I thought to myself “it is such a small world”, there were so many powerful and successful people who were doing incredible things and they all looped back to each other. The reach of Bay Path University was more apparent than ever to me. The day was full of meaningful conversations, meeting new people, and discussing my passions with women who were curious and offered meaningful conversations and questions. I had the chance to step away from the table and came across President Doran, she was excited to share that Christine Cashen was doing a book signing and wanted to get a picture with myself and some of the club! It was so special that on such a busy day, President Doran, and everyone involved still made time to connect and share the day with students. We also had the pleasure of meeting Patrice Banks who joined the National Marrow Registry, thanks to the help of my fellow club members!

The rest of the weekend my mind kept wandering back to event, reliving it, and trying to process all the incredible things I had experienced in under 12 hours. It was another full circle moment that made me know I made the right choice by attending Bay Path! It showed me how strong my fellow students, club members, and faculty are, and the lasting impact we have on the world.

I am so thankful to grow with and be inspired by such powerful women, and I look forward to the day I can reunite with them at a future WLC and create more long-lasting memories.

Special thanks and a big BPU shout-out to Nonprofit Club members Abigayle Polanek, Elizabeth Duclos, Samantha Brantigan, and Dr. Laurie Rosner for making this great day possible!