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Jennifer Wilson '21

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Jennifer Wilson is a Child Psychology major with a minor in Education, and a certification in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jenn is a Student Ambassador Leader, in Psi Chi, the Event Coordinator for SAAC, and a two sport athlete in Soccer and Lacrosse.


Is there a faculty/staff member that was a key player in creating a formative experience these past few years? If so, who are they and how have they impacted you to become who you are today?

My advisor, Dr. Wiezbicki-Stevens has been absolutely amazing and super supportive throughout my time here. Also, I always looked forward to my classes with Dr. Wallace. He always knew how to make my day. He always encourages me in the classroom and on the soccer field. These two individuals helped me be able to fully believe in myself and what I can do in and out of the classroom.


What is one of your most cherished memories from your time here?

Looking back at these past three years, I have made the most amazing group of friends. At the college I first attended, I struggled to find those life long friends, but I found them almost instantly at Bay Path. I am always making new friends, even with a month before I graduate. My time spent with them is something that I will cherish forever.


How has athletics transformed your experience at Bay Path?

When I decided to go to college I knew I was not going to continue playing soccer with a lack of confidence within myself to perform at this level. Bay Path opened up an athletic opportunity to continue playing soccer and to play lacrosse, which was so new to me. With athletics I was able to step out of my comfort zone, challenge and push myself, and have the best time with the best teams.


How will you take the lessons you’ve learned from your time at Bay Path and apply them to the next chapter in your life?

The most important lesson that I have learned from Bay Path is that stepping out of your comfort zone is scary but totally worth it. If I never pushed myself the way I did here I would have never played a new sport, been a student ambassador and leader, got inducted into Psi Chi, be the event coordinator for SAAC, and so much more. Doors are constantly opening and closing here and it is okay to make that change, it will be so worth it. My high school self would have never believed me if I told myself that this is where I would be today, doing these things.


Any post-grad plans?

After I graduate with my Bachelor's degree, I plan to continue my education at Bay Path in the Masters of Occupational Therapy program and complete the two years of eligibility in the NCAA that I have for soccer and lacrosse.

This article is also featured in the April 2021 issue of the Network News Student Magazine.