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Empowerment in Harmony: Bay Path Chorale Sings at Cadogan Hall

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Under the leadership of Robert Tomasulo, director of Performing Arts & Musical Activities, and accompanied by Dean Lisa Ruch, Bay Path students took their spring break not on sandy beaches but on the historic stage of London’s Cadogan Hall.  The Bay Path Chorale participated in an event full of empowerment and inspiration on the occasion of International Women's Day as they joined choruses from around the world at the Em[Power]? Concert.

Performing songs such as “Everyday Wonders: The Girl from Aleppo” by Cecilia McDowall and “Lineage” by Andrea Ramsey, the Chorale celebrated the triumphs and tribulations of women throughout history. On a personal level, the experience was a first for our students.

“This was my first trip abroad and therefore also my first trip to London!” states Alto 1 Margret Philie ’24. “It was such a unique experience, the building [Cadogan Hall] being so compact that it fit both the entire performance hall as well as a maze of stairs, hallways, and dressing rooms for all its' performers. I was incredibly excited to perform there. This experience just solidified and strengthened my want to travel abroad to even less familiar countries and experience even more places out of my comfort zone.”

Alto 2 Tia St. Julien ’25 added: “This was my very first trip abroad and to London.  Our daily walk to Cadogan Hall was amazing. We spent a whole day rehearsing with other choirs and we were all split up, so we met a bunch of people. I am an Alto 2 which is traditionally one of the lowest voices for women, and I was surrounded by new people. I talked with this amazing woman from Germany and learned that we had more similarities than I would have thought. 

“This experience was breath taking and I love exploring new places. I think everyone needs to go abroad at least once in their lifetime because you learn and experience so much more than you realize. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity, and I wish I could go and relive the whole experience again.”

Perhaps the most moving moment of the night came with the premiere of a specially commissioned piece, composed in honor of International Women's Day:  Em[Power]?, a world premiere by Hannah Rice. With lyrics that spoke of courage, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of women, it was a fitting tribute to the countless individuals who had dared to dream.  As the Bay Path Chorale stood united in song, they embodied the timeless truth that music has the power to uplift and unite us all.