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Class of 2018 Occupational Therapy Students Celebrate Annual Pinning Ceremony

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On Thursday, December 14, 2017, the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (OT) Class of 2018 held their annual pinning ceremony.  

Faculty, staff, students, and families came together to celebrate the tradition of OT students moving outside of the classroom and transitioning into working in a professional setting. 

“The pinning ceremony is a healthcare tradition that signifies a student's transition from classroom to clinic,” Director of Occupational Therapy Programs Beverly St. Pierre said. “It is a right of passage as students enter the OT profession. Pinning carries symbolic meaning of faculty acknowledgement of a student's readiness for the next step in their journey.”

The students have been eager to get started in their field and expressed appreciation for this celebration.

“For me, this ceremony signifies one of the final milestone marks I’ve hit on my journey to becoming an OT,” Cassidy Cycenas ’18 said. “I’ve put in a lot of hard work over the past 4.5 years and I’m so excited to take the next step on this path along with the rest of the Class of 2018. We are grateful for this recognition of our accomplishments so far and also of what we have to offer the world when we begin our clinical fieldwork.”

Jenna Varnauskas ’18 added, “Finishing the academic portion of the program seems surreal. The pinning ceremony reminded me of me strength, perseverance, and worth as I continue the process of becoming an occupational therapist. I feel prepared and driven as I reflect back on my time in the classroom and I am confident in my abilities as I embark on fieldwork.”

The ceremony was filled with congratulatory remarks from OT faculty and staff, along with words of encouragement for their clinical work, reminding students that the Bay Path community will always support them.

Beverly St. Pierre shared kind words about the Class of 2018 and what the future holds for these students:

“As a cohort, the MOT Class of 2018 has demonstrated passion in support of their beliefs, excitement for helping others, and success in academic achievement. They have been educated during a special time in OT history as the profession celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2017. As each student in the cohort leaves the classroom and goes out into the clinic, they represent the future of occupational therapy practice.”