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Bay Path unveils timeline commemorating 20 years of college models for adult students

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In October, Bay Path recognized the dedicated educators, visionary innovators and determined students behind the success of its One Day A Week Saturday program and The American Women’s College, as the university celebrated twenty years of providing groundbreaking educational models that enable adult women to earn their bachelor’s degrees.

To coincide with a reunion event that brought together the staff and alumni of these programs, a digital timeline tracing the evolution of Bay Path’s One Day A Week program and The American Women’s College was created. By scrolling through the interactive feature, viewers can peruse various milestones and achievements that have occurred over the programs’ past twenty years.

“Bay Path has had a remarkable and continued impact on women’s lives. Two decades and thousands of bachelors’ degrees later, we felt it was important to give deeper context to the unique educational model we’ve created and the social, political and technological changes that correlate with our mission of empowering women through education,” explained Karen Woods, Bay Path’s Executive Director of Brand Strategy & Integrated Communications.  

To build the timeline, Bay Path’s communications department researched past issues of the college’s alumni magazine, The Bay Pathway and assembled press clips, video content and collateral pieces generated over 20 years of the programs’ enrollment, expansion and evolution.

Working with a graphic designer, the communications team landed on a concept that blended the distinct colors of each of the university’s divisions into a cohesive collage, used photography of actual students and graduates, and developed a logo based on the iconic Rose Ceremony. These visuals were applied to Save the Dates, invitations, an “advertorial”-type story in the Bay Pathway, a slideshow that was displayed at the One Day event, and finally to the digital timeline.

The timeline design allows for content to be continually added, making for a dynamic storytelling tool that can give various audiences, such as potential TAWC students, prospective donors and alumni more insight into Bay Path, its unique perspective on women’s education and the mission that drives its continual innovation.  

View the timeline, “One Day to Today: 20 Years of groundbreaking, game changing education for adult women” here.