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Bay Path University to offer unique gap semester course for recent high school graduates to explore social justice issues

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Bay Path University has put together a unique course for recent high school graduates looking to explore ways they can impact movements for social justice. The course, Exploring Pathways to Social Justice, will combine lectures, discussions, videos, readings, and virtual experiential learning through the context of history, legal studies, and communications. In addition, the students will participate in presentations by professionals who have channeled their visions for a more just world into careers advocating for social justice and leading their communities.

The three-credit course runs from September 21-December 21 and is open to recent high school graduates and college students, whether enrolled at Bay Path University; its online program, The American Women’s College; or any other institution, as well as students who are taking a gap semester while they evaluate their college options. Registration runs until September 16.

The class is a collaboration between several faculty members and will explore social justice movements, trace the historical roots of the civil rights struggle, investigate how race factors into the contemporary criminal justice system, and consider strategies for change. Students will be challenged to apply their passion for social justice, while learning to express themselves and developing practical skills for academic and professional settings. Through the course material and ongoing opportunities for conversation, they will connect with other students and become part of an inspired, motivated network.

“We created this class for students who may be using this time away from their schools to contemplate how and where to channel their voice and their passion for social justice, as they begin to think about their long term goals--personally and professionally,” explains Gwen Jordan, the director of Bay Path’s Justice and Legal Studies department. Dr. Jordan will be teaching sections on the criminal justice system, including a focus on the movement devoted to exonerating the wrongly convicted and reforming the criminal justice system.

“The course really speaks to what we’re striving to do at Bay Path,” notes Dr. Jordan. “As educators, we look to give our students a larger, deeper picture of the world we’re living in, while also helping them set concrete goals and acquire practical skills to achieve them.”