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Bay Path Students Visit NEPM

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In the heart of downtown Springfield, MA, New England Public Media (NEPM) is our regional public news station. For a group of eager undergraduate communication students from the class of Assistant Professor Janine Fondon G’22, chair of the undergraduate communications department, their special tour of this state-of-the-art facility provided them with a unique perspective into storytelling and the inner workings of broadcasting, journalism, and media production.

They were greeted by the welcoming faces of NEPM staff:   Vanessa Pabón-Hernandez, senior director of Education & Community Engagement and executive producer of Presencia (and also a member of Bay Path’s Business Leadership Council), and Ismary Santiago-Lugo, early education program manager.

Next came the heart of NEPM: the studios. The student’s curiosity was apparent as they realized the attention to detail that goes into every production, from radio broadcasts to television shows, and understanding that behind every production, every story lies hours of work.

The highlight of the tour came in a special workshop led by NEPM staff. Here, the students were given the opportunity to step into the shoes of reporters, producers, and editors, and experience the art and science of storytelling in the digital age.

As the tour drew to a close, the experience left students with a newfound sense of purpose and excitement about the brave new world of media production. At NEPM, they learned firsthand the power of storytelling and the importance of research and facts in the journalistic field. 

Students participating in the tour:  Bianca Fernandez ’24, Donyel Le’Noir Felton ’27, Aida Smith ’27, Caroline Austin ’26, and Allison Zaczynski ’21.