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Aryanna Wiggins '21

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STORY CONTRIBUTED BY Makayla Francis, BAY PATH STUDENT NEWSROOM Layout & Design Coordinator + SOcial Action Series Writer

Aryanna Wiggins-Gamble is a Neurobiology and Medical Science: Pre-Med Major, with a Minor in Biotechnology. She is also Resident Assistant, a part of the Women in Science Honors Program, alongside being a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Student Subcommittee.

How have you transformed personally in your time at Bay Path?

Over time I came out of my shell a lot more and got involved on campus. I think that I have become a lot less shy and a lot more assertive. And I’m a lot better at setting goals and working towards them.

What were some of the negative experiences at Bay Path that you’ve had and taken action to change?

I think that some of the courses were very difficult and that was very hard. I had a lot of nights where I stayed up until 4am studying and woke up at 6am just to study some more. The only things to do in that situation was to power through it. Any negative experience outside of academia, I usually tried to speak up for myself and the situation. Calling attention to the problem and my perspective.

What are some of the accomplishments you are most proud of, even if they weren’t associated with Bay Path?

I am proud of all of it really. I did a double major with a minor. I entered the Women in Stem Honors program. I completed two thesis projects for neurobiology and WiSH. And I was able to be a resident assistant through all of that. It was hard but I got through it.

Is there a faculty/staff member that was a key player in creating a formative experience these past few years? If so, who are they and how have they impacted you to become who you are today?

The entire science staff was very motivational and supportive for me. It is difficult to only name a few since many of them really influenced me. But I would say that Professor Quadros-Menella and Dr. Rivera-Colon were very influential for me.

What are your post-graduation plans and how will you take the lessons you learned at Bay Path along with you into your next phase of life?

I will be involved in biomedical sciences and the field of neuroscience.

Do you see yourself returning to Bay Path in the near future, yes or no? Explain why and your perspective on the university.

I would like to return so that I can greet my professors and maintain the connections that I have made. I think that they played a large role in my progress and I would like for them to remain in my own network/support system.

This article is also featured in the April 2021 issue of the Network News Student Magazine.