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2020-2021 University Theme Announced!

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Let’s be real. As Bay Path faculty, staff and students, we are now navigating the joys of a new President, Sandra J. Doran; welcome, President Doran! We are also navigating the bewildering challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

While the pandemic is out of our control, how each of us responds to this temporary new normal as Bay Path faculty, staff and students IS within our control. Furthermore, each of us must continue to step into our brave space to honestly discuss the killing of George Floyd, understand the purpose of the Black Lives Matters Movement, and to become positive change agents in our own circles of influence. 

More than ever, we each play an active role in contributing to our university community. We will engage with each other online, on the ground, or in a hybrid format and you will take traditional or accelerated courses or both types with professors who are invested in your learning. More than ever, all of us must embrace becoming even more tech-playful during a time that mandates physical distancing for the sake of our safety. 

More than ever, we must OWN OUR NOW. 

Whether you are new to our Bay Path community as a first-year undergraduate student, a transfer student, an adult learner, graduate student, or are a returning student, we at Bay Path understand and respect that you are not blank slates. If anything, in addition to striving for your academic, professional and personal goals last spring, you developed new ways to cope and thrive. You learned then and over the summer how to OWN YOUR NOW -- with resilience.

As you begin your 2020 academic year at Bay Path University, reflect on and be prepared to address: 

How do you OWN YOUR NOW? How do you define resilience, using your own lived experiences and observations? What strategies have helped you to become resilient? At Bay Path, we know that the wisdom is already in the (virtual) room.

When you interact with other students, ask: How do you OWN YOUR NOW? Actively listen. Take notes. Share your own strategies. Do the same by asking your professors and the Bay Path staff you encounter virtually or in person. Because at Bay Path, we believe in excellence through collaboration.

Between now and the annual Bay Path essay contest with this year’s theme: OWN YOUR NOW: RESILIENCE, consider keeping notes on how to write your own true story about how you are coping and thriving. How did you turn these challenging times into opportunities for yourself? We’re ready to listen. And learn.