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WELLcome Week

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Longmeadow Campus
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The year kicks off with our traditional WELLcome Week, which is required for all first year students. Incoming students regardless of residential status (i.e. residents and commuters) are expected to arrive here on campus August 21, 2019 for the 2019-2020 academic year. In addition, all incoming students will be required to participate in scheduled events that will be held daily from August 21 to August 25. Transfer students are welcome to participate.

Wednesday, August 21 Check-In Times:

9 - 2pm Residents check-in at residence halls

12 - 2pm Commuters move-in (This is for commuter students who are opting to live in the residence halls just during WELLcome Week. For more information regarding this offering, contact Lindsie Lavin, Director of Residence Life and Learning at

1 - 2pm Commuters check-in at Blake Student Commons lawn



  1. Meet peers, faculty, and staff to begin building a learning community and class identity
  2. Review guidelines for healthy, ethical and civil living and learning on campus
  3. Prepare for the first semester by enhancing readiness (academic, technological, financial, etc.)
  4. Explore the Longmeadow campus and the greater community
  5. Know their rights and responsibilities within the campus community
  6. Know campus resources and services that will enhance their academic success and overall undergraduate experience
  7. Understand the primary elements of the social and personal development transition process
  8. Prepare for the next step in acclimation to WELL
  9. Learn about Bay Path campus traditions and culture, and what it truly means to be a Wildcat
  10. Build friendships and networks based on common interests and have fun!