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Leading Edge Webinar - Stretching the Rubber Triangle: How to Improve Quality of Learning, Equitable Access, and Affordability

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It’s an easy assumption to make: improving access must necessarily degrade quality. Enhancing quality always costs more money, increasing the cost of education. These beliefs have been called the Iron Triangle of Higher Education.

However, a number of institutions have been demonstrating over recent years that institutional outcomes of quality, access, and even affordability can be improved simultaneously. These institutional case histories suggest how institutions like yours can blaze their own trails toward improved learning, equity, and affordability.

Our Presenter:

Dr. Stephen C. Ehrmann is an independent scholar and the author of Pursuing Quality, Access, and Affordability: A Field Guide to Improving Higher Education (Stylus). His book provides a practical, and long-view guide to implementing transformative educational change across an entire institution and ultimately, US higher education as a whole. Dr. Ehrmann is a former grant-maker, consultant, and vice provost for teaching and learning at George Washington University, and has served as Program Officer for the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), and as Director of Educational Research and Assistance.