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Leading Edge Webinar: AI to Assist Course Creation and Delivery

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 AI to Assist Course Creation and Delivery

The process of course creation and delivery involves developing topics, a syllabus, lectures, class activities, discussion topics, assignments, group projects, assessments, and grading, among other tasks. This process is usually done solo. Now, artificial intelligence provides us with a very helpful assistant. The process of teaching cannot be effectively automated, but the many tasks needed to draft course creation and delivery can be automated. This session will show you the process and tools that artificial intelligence provides to begin and refine course creation and delivery. This session will show you how to begin the conversation with artificial intelligence to improve your course creation and delivery.

Our Presenter

James M. Wilson III, MBA, MS, PhD, SSBB

James M. Wilson III, MBA, MS in Resource Economics, PhD, Six Sigma Black Belt. He is a faculty member in the MBA program, providing classes in Business Analytics, Managing Innovation, and Strategic Analysis, in the Higher Education Leadership and Organizational studies doctoral program teaching Entrepreneurship in Higher Education. and offers the School of Management and Technology’s suite of three courses on Digital Transformation. He has been at Bay Path since 2004.

Dr. Wilson’s PhD thesis used genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence to test received theory in strategy, and also define a quantitative construct for luck in competitive advantage. In the 1990’s he developed big data before the term “big data” was a thing. His firm Data and Decision Analysis, supported by funding from the National Center for Education Statistics, the Southern Regional Education Board, and the Regional Laboratory for Education Improvement for the Northeast and Islands integrated administrative records of educators among 16 states to develop the largest microdata set of teachers in the USA. Such data was used to develop unique analytics for state and regional educator workforce management. Again, focusing on analytics, he holds a patent with Charles Sperry for a process using IoT to develop big data for pathogen detection to promote the reduction of nosocomial infections in hospitals.

Dr Wilson was Assistant to the Provost at Bay Path University from 2012 to 2020 and Advisor to Strategic Planning at Bay Path in 2021. He was awarded his university’s Presidential Award for Innovative Thinking in 2016. He is the author of three books on business value creation: Making the Case: Value Proposition Analysis and Strategy (2020), What Counts: Business Analytics for Entrepreneurs (2023), and Exploring Value: Research Methods for Entrepreneurs (due 2024), all with Penser Press.