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Big Data in Rehabilitation Science Research: Challenges and Opportunities for Rehabilitation Researchers

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Big Data in Rehabilitation Science Research

This talk will give an overview of current projects in big data in rehabilitation research, including how different specialties are developing and using large databases for research design. There will also be an overview of challenges in data collection and analysis for current and future researchers interested in this field. We will also discuss pathways for current PT and OT students who are interested in developing skills to contribute to this field in the future.


Learning objectives:

  1. Describe and discuss pathways for rehabilitation researchers to learn skills applicable to the use of big data in rehabilitation research.
  2. Discuss challenges that currently face data access, quality, and interpretation.
  3. Define what big data is in rehabilitation research and identify locations where it can currently be accessed.

Presenter: Libby Bergman PT, DPT

Elizabeth (Libby) Bergman is a board certified and fellowship-trained physical therapist in orthopedic and manual physical therapy with 16 years of clinical experience and 10 years of academic experience. She is currently co-owner of Performance Science + Rehab, a highly specialized private practice using performance metric data to bridge the gap between athletic performance and rehabilitation for high-performing individuals. She is currently a PhD candidate at Texas Woman's University with a proposed dissertation investigating the use of clinical measures to discriminate between hip dysplasia and femoroacetbular impingement on imaging studies.