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After Millennials: Understanding Gen Z Students and Their Gen X Parents

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After two decades of recruiting and enrolling Millennials (and their Baby Boomer parents), this presentation raises the importance of learning about and understanding the seismic generational shift happening on college campuses as post-9/11 Homeland/Gen Z and their Generation X parents are now the target audience. It provides historic background on American generations and key insights into understanding and connecting with this new student/parent cohort, with special attention to the students raised in “the experience economy.” Jeff Kallay will also provide added value for helping understand generational differences in the workplace as more Millennials are in the ranks of staff and faculty.

Our Presenter:

man smiling at camera with short dark hair, glasses and wearing a shirt, tie and suit coat.Nationally renowned expert on college student recruitment, Jeff Kallay co-founded Render Experiences (now RNL+Render), the leading firm for campus visit experiences that has trained more than 10,000 campus visit tour guides and consulted with 250 campuses nationwide. As a respected authority on the emerging “experience economy,” Jeff’s presentations on American generations with particular expertise on the current youth generation and their parents, help colleges and organizations understand generational differences and how to best connect with each unique peer group.

After Millennials: Understanding Gen Z Students and Their Gen X Parents is part of the Leading Edge Thinking in Higher Education Series brought to you by Bay Path University's Center for Higher Education Leadership & Innovative Practice (CHELIP)