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Risk Management

Identify, evaluate, and manage threats to an organization's digital assets!

Why Risk Management at Bay Path University?

The Risk Management major provides students with the skills and technology-related competencies to identify, evaluate, and manage threats to an organization's digital assets. This degree will combine coursework in data privacy, project management, crisis management and incident recovery.

Graduates of this program will be equipped with a unique balance of problem-solving, leadership and technical knowledge needed to create and implement risk management strategies. High-performing students will have the opportunity to enter a 4 + 1 program during their senior year.

Additional student learning outcomes for the major in Risk Management are:

  • Demonstrate understanding of various stakeholder perspectives and frameworks for assessing risk.
  • Describe and explain ways to mitigate risk across an enterprise.
  • Describe best practices for the documentation and communication of risk to various stakeholders.