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Legal Studies On Ground Weekdays

Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies or Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies 

Bay Path’s Legal Studies programs prepare graduates for careers in law by providing a strong undergraduate education emphasizing communication, leadership, technology, and ethics.

By challenging students to a rigorous curriculum of theory and practical application, the legal programs prepare them for law or graduate school as well as for professional opportunities in a wide variety of legal settings including: law firms, legal service agencies, courts, corporations, financial institutions, city, state, and federal government agencies.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Legal Studies program, graduates will be able to:

  • Understand, analyze, produce, evaluate, and present (orally) appropriate solutions to legal challenges of the working legal professional within the context of delivery of legal services.
  • Apply legal research skills using full range of materials, both print and electronic.
  • Perform legal writing for different audiences, purposes, and kinds of documents.
  • Exhibit an understanding of substantive issues and legal procedures by identification and analysis of legal issues.

Program Goals:

The goal of the Legal Studies Department is to prepare graduates to assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services in the public or private sector, to proceed to graduate school, or to pursue other career opportunities with a solid foundation in law. Students are educated to:

  • Understand the legal profession and its role in our society.
  • Think critically and write competently and persuasively about legal issues.
  • Use technology to perform legal research and associated tasks.
  • Act ethically in their professional and personal lives.
  • Act on opportunities for professional growth and continuing education.

Learning by Discussion With the Harkness Table:

You won’t find desks lined in neat rows to face the front of Room 209 in the newly renovated Carr Hall. What you will find is the Harkness Table: a specially-designed large, oval table surrounded by 16 chairs and named after philanthropist Edward Harkness. For John Woodruff, assistant professor of law, the Harkness table melds with his philosophy of discussion-based teaching. In Room 209 students find their voice by developing viewpoints and legal arguments—important first steps in understanding and preparing for the legal profession.

3+3 Program Agreement Between Bay Path University & Western New England University School of Law:

Students interested in pursuing law school after graduation can apply to the unique 3+3 Program, a partnership between Bay Path University and Western New England University School of Law. This program offers students the opportunity to move on to law school at Western New England University immediately after graduation. To be eligible, students must attend Bay Path for at least 30 credit hours of undergraduate study.

My courses at Bay Path have driven me to think differently and do things I never saw myself doing. I receive helpful and applicable feedback on everything I complete. I feel I will have a competitive edge when I continue on with my education in law school. I was privileged to gain an internship with the United States Attorney’s Office in the Federal Courthouse in Springfield, Massachusetts. I assisted the attorneys and paralegals with a broad scope of relevant assignments. I had a lot of fun while also learning more than could be absorbed in a classroom." - Angelica, Legal Studies Major