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Business Analytics

Learn to mine data, create decision support models, and develop strategies that lead to business and organizational success. Earn a Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Analytics.

Why Business Analytics at The American Women’s College?

With a major in Business Analytics, you will help decision makers make more informed decisions by tracking and analyzing complex data to reveal key insights.

The volume of data collected by businesses and organzations grows exponentially every day. As a business analytics professional, your mission is to sift through, organize and make sense of various types and levels of information that a company or organization collects. Business trends, consumer behavior patterns, and financial projections are among the types of insights - backed by data - that you will be trained to analyze and deliver.

In this major, you will receive a solid education in business fundamentals along with training in information technology to learn how to:

  • Connect business activities with economic performance and mission outcomes
  • Develop flexible decision support models that can adapt to organizational needs
  • Use quantitative methods, technology and applications to address business problems and opportunities
  • Compare business options and approaches to reduce risk and predict outcomes
  • Effectively communicate data insights and recommendations to stakeholders

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