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Biology Secondary Education

Bachelor of Science in Biology 

The need for teachers in Biology Secondary Education has never been greater. Fueled by the rapid changes in the scientific field and the demand for skilled and knowledgeable professionals for the growing science and health-based industries, there is a demand for teachers at the middle and high school level who combine the latest in scientific knowledge and procedures.

The Biology Secondary Education program, teaching grades 8-12, consists of a biology major combined with appropriate education courses. Students are required to take the Bay Path University core, a biological science core, and a education core. The course sequence has been developed to prepare you for the Biology MTEL, the necessary licensure for teaching at this level.

Upon completion, student earn an initail license in Biology issued by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students graduating from this program qualify for license equivalency in states outside of Massachusetts once they pass the qualifying exams in those states.

A minimum 3.0 gpa and a minimum score of 1006 for the SAT are required for admittance into the program. 

Accelerated Degree Options:

  • 3-Year Bachelor's Degree. Students with a record of strong academic achievement and a desire to fast track their education are encouraged to apply to the accelerated degree program. The program allows students to earn their degree in three years of year-round study, enabling them to save on tuition costs and enter the workforce sooner. Click here to learn more.