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Patricia Banke, DNP, DSL, PMHNP-BC, LNCSp

Adjunct Professor

DNP, Northern Kentucky University; DSL, Faith International University; PMHNP, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions; MSN, University of South Carolina; BSN, Lewis University; ASN, Ravenswood College of Nursing

Patricia Banke, DNP, DSL, PMHNP-BC, LNC-CSp practices as an independent telehealth provider serving clients as a PMHNP-BC in both SC and WA state. Her specialties include SUD, BED and adult ADHD.

Dr. Banke received a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Northern Kentucky University. She earned a PMHNP certificate from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, a MSN from University of South Carolina, a BSN from Lewis University, and an ASN from Ravenswood College of Nursing. She holds a national certification as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and is a master clinical psychopharmacologist.

Dr. Banke’s clinical expertise includes psychiatric mental health nursing and executive leadership. She has been fortunate to teach students in both didactic and clinical courses and as a preceptor. Her mission is to equip others to discover and live out their purpose.

Dr. Banke is the Director/Founder of Pathway Mental Wellness, a 501C3 non-profit. She developed the program ‘Mental Health Emergency Response’ and authored the contributing manual. Pathway Mental Wellness focuses on teaching people about common mental health challenges and equips participants in understanding a plan of action.

Dr. Deane has trained individuals both internationally and nationally on Leadership Development and Mental Wellness.

  • Doctoral Project: The use of a registered nurse mental health education program to improve knowledge of mental health issues and mental health screenings in primary care.
  • Research & Clinical Interests:
    • Outpatient Telehealth Service: Psychiatric mental health care
      • Substance Use Disorders
      • Adult Onset ADHD
    • Nursing education leadership and mentorship
    • Telehealth in academics and clinical settings

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