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Marie Meckel, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

BA, University of Massachusetts; BS, University of Massachusetts; MS, PA degree, Lock Haven University; MPH, University of Massachusetts; Masters in Medical Education, Stellenbosch University

Marie Meckel joined the Bay Path University PA program in September 2017. She worked as a fulltime primary care clinician at Mason Square Community Health Center in Springfield Massachusetts for sixteen years where she currently maintains clinical practice. Clinical interests include management of chronic disease and its impact on underserved communities and social determinants of health and how it impacts health care in the United States.

Marie has a strong interest in promoting the PA and their equivalent as a global solution to the primary health care provider shortage, especially in resource poor countries. She has been engaged in work internationally that gathers data on the international PA and has interviewed and written articles on PA’s around the world, especially in Africa. This work can be found in ‘Global Health Rounds’ in Clinical Advisor ( Link below) which was created and maintained by Marie since 2013. Under a CDC funded grant at Walter Sisulu University in South Africa she help introduce the Clinical Associate (the South African equivalent to the PA) into the health care system to address the health care provider shortage. She also received a Fulbright to work on clinical education in South Africa.

Clinical Advisor link:

Cobb N, Meckel M, Mulitalo K, Kayingo G, Fahringer D (2016). Expanding Knowledge About an Uncategorized and Globally Relevant Cadre of 'Mid-Level, Non-Physician Clinicians' Serving in 46 Countries [Abstract]. 12th Annual Association of American Medical Colleges Health Workforce Research Conference.