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Kathleen Cross, PhD


PhD, Saint Louis University

In addition to teaching in the MHE program, Kathleen Cross, PhD, serves as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Marketing of Kelmscott EDU, a nationally recognized higher education communications and marketing firm, where she leads operations, product development, strategy, and marketing.

Dr. Cross brings significant higher education and technology expertise to Bay Path University. With experience working in both U.S. and international universities, Dr. Cross is a former Vice President of Enrollment, Chief Technology Officer, and Dean of Studies Abroad. She has served in other leadership positions at Fire Engine RED and Qualia Computing, a biomedical/technology company she helped found and part owned. She has also held several other administrative and teaching positions at universities including Saint Louis University and California State University.

Dr. Cross holds a doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration from Saint Louis University along with master’s degrees from the University of Cincinnati and California State University and a bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University. She is a frequent national speaker and published author.

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