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The Path Forward

James McNerney

Adjunct Faculty

MCJ American International College, BA Westfield State College

Jim McNerney has been an adjunct professor at Bay Path University for six years. He has taught many of Bay Path’s Health, Wellness, and Eating/Nutrition focused courses. This September, he will begin teaching Bay Path’s Introduction to Positive Psychology course.

Jim has been a dedicated student of health, wellness, and exercise since his teens.

Beginning in the early 2000’s, he decided to turn his passion for health into his career. Jim’s intention is to share the opportunity to achieve excellent health with all who seek it.

As a testament to his love of learning, Jim pursued coach training from several highly regarded organizations. He is fully certified in Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Mind-Body Eating Coaching, Eating Psychology Coaching, Positive Psychology Coaching, and Happiness Studies. He’s also earned a number of certifications in Nutrition and Personal Training.

Jim is professional Health Coach, Mind Body Eating Coach, and Positive Psychology Coach. His primary area of focus is helping emotional eaters and binge eaters to transform their relationship with food.

He has found that at the core, every meaningful health goal his clients pursue is ultimately about their desire to become happier, more personally fulfilled, and to have more energy and freedom to enjoy their lives to the fullest! This is where Positive Psychology Coaching and Happiness Studies come into play.