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Board of Advisors

Cyber Security Education Advisory Council

Council Chairperson:

Debbie Gordon, CEO, Cloud Range Cyber, LLC

External Advisors:

Andrew Anderlonis, Chief Technology Officer, Checkwriters

Jessica Bair Oppenheimer, Director, Cisco Secure Technical Alliance

Delcie Bean, CEO, Paragus Strategic IT

Gerald R. Gagne, Member of the Firm, Wolf and Company, P.C.

Donald M. Garvey, Jr., Chief Information Security Officer, Travelers (Retired)

Jessica Gulick, Independent Cyber Security Program Consultant

Kevin Hamel, VP IT Ops & Technology Platforms, Hartford HealthCare

Stephanie Helm, Director, MassCyberCenter (Retired)

Beth Lewyckyj, Department Chief, Office of Advanced Analytics, Central Intelligence Agency (Retired)

Jillian Munro, Group Head of Technology, Data & Analytics, Envestnet|Yodlee

Anthony Oakes, V.P., Cyber Crime Investigations

Tim Russell, Senior Security Analyst, Amazon Web Services

Joel Vengco, SVP, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Hartford Healthcare

Bay Path Council Members:

Sandra J. Doran, J.D., President

Dr. John Caron, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs

Kathleen Bourque, Vice President, University Relations and Board Liaison

Karen Woods, Assistant Vice President of Brand Strategy, Marketing & Integrated Communications

Dr. Tom Loper, Associate Provost and Dean, Graduate School of Arts, Science and Management

Jeremy Anderson, VP for Learning Innovation, Technology and Analytics

Christopher Knerr, Senior Director of Information Technology

Dr. Sara Milillo, Assistant Dean, Curriculum and Instruction, TAWC

Professor Robin Saunders, Director, MS Digital Marketing

Professor Matthew Smith, Director, MS Cybersecurity

Dr. Douglas Keevers, Academic Program Director, Information Technology and Security, TAWC