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A Legacy of Leadership

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”*

Those words aptly describe the leadership of President Carol Leary. From the beginning, what set Carol Leary’s leadership apart was her ability to look beyond the horizon and see limitless possibilities. A February 2020 editorial from The Republican stated what many people had recognized for some time: “Her vision was ahead of her time.”

While vision was the cornerstone of her presidency, these ideas took shape in the form of a succession of vision plans—blueprints for the future. Carol Leary would be the first to credit the vision teams, drawn from the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and valued advisors, for the successful implementation of these vision plans leading to the incredible transformation of Bay Path University. In particular, the Trustees played a vital role by probing and questioning, identifying priorities, finding resources, allocating funds, and serving as at-large ambassadors for Bay Path. Their contributions were invaluable. Their unwavering support and counsel gave Carol Leary and the University community the strength of purpose and confidence to meet vision goals.

Throughout her presidency, Carol Leary’s charismatic leadership style was a perfect fit for Bay Path. She guided people in a common direction, and along the way, she empowered individuals to innovate, act, and take risks. She encouraged people to strive and take great leaps forward. Bay Path became a place where dreams were made. In the end, President Carol Leary inspired all of us to reach for the moon and beyond. That’s what defines a great leader.

*Quotation from Warren Bennis, lecturer, educator, and pioneer in the field of leadership studies

A Legacy of Dynamic Leaders

The Presidents of Bay Path

Dr. Carol A. Leary

Dr. Jeanette T. Wright

Dr. A. Randle Elliott

Douglas Davies Perkins

Thomas G. Carr

Chairs of the Board of Trustees

Jonathan F. Besse

Patricia J. Pierce, CFA
2016 – 2019

George C. Keady III
2013 – 2016

Roberta B. Bolduc
2010 – 2013

Robyn B. Davis
2007 – 2010

Rev. Dr. Enzo V. DiGiacomo
2004 - 2007

Charlene H.D. Mazer ’67
2001 - 2004

Edward J. Fleming III
1996 – 2001

Edward J. Carroll Jr.
1993 – 1996

Every Great Idea Needs A Plan

At Bay Path, every vision plan was a community plan. From every department and area of the University, people shared their ideas and thoughts. Through a careful process of sifting and refining, a strategic plan would emerge that would push Bay Path forward to a new level of achievement.

Vision 2001: Bay Path College: Expanding Horizons
Vision 2006: Leveraging Our Strengths for Growth
Vision 2011: Good to Great
Vision 2013: A New American Women’s College for the 21st Century
Vision 2016: Evolution to Revolution
Vision 2019: Imagining the Bay Path University for the Future

Working Together

The successful development of these vision plans depended on thoughtful and measurable fundraising campaigns. At the core of these campaigns have been the people. The generosity from the Board of Trustees, alumni, major donors, faculty, staff, and friends in support of campaign goals and the mission allowed Bay Path to reach its vision goals. As a result, the endowment increased, students were able to receive scholarships and the assistance they needed, new programs were initiated, and a culture of stewardship and gratitude was cultivated.

Seize the Day, Seize the Dream (1998-2003)
Charting New Paths (2008-2011)
It Begins Here (2013-2016)

The President’s Gala is the University’s signature fundraising event.  First held in 2017, over the years it has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for The Finish Line Fund and scholarships which provide critical financial assistance for students to earn their degree.

From left: Bay Path Trustee Emeritus S. Prestley Blake is welcomed to the President’s Gala by President Leary and Allison Gearing-Kalill, Vice President for Development and Planned Giving. Allison and her team are responsible for bringing this stellar event to life!