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Peter Testori is Honored for his Excellence in Innovative Thinking < Back to Listing

Deepwood Hall located on the Bay Path College Campus
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Every year, Bay Path College honors a member of our community for their distinct and progressive contributions. This past holiday season’s President’s Award for Excellence in Innovative Thinking, created in 2007, was given to Peter Testori. 

The purpose of the President’s Award is to recognize the achievements among our faculty and staff that help to build upon our culture of creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement. In her award nomination materials, Online Course Builder Mary Wiseman said that Testori’s role “is to seek out and apply innovation in the instruction and technologies he explores and to share his discoveries with others to empower learning. Whether Peter is supporting faculty in the design of their online courses, collaborating with staff to implement technology into their student support work, or teaching—both face-to-face in the classroom or online—he is always implementing his creative and innovative thinking skills.” 

His official title is the assistant director of faculty development initiatives, but if you’re one of the many who has benefitted from his technologic expertise, you know that he is much more. Testori smiled as he recounted the list of different hats he wears, has worn, and will continue to don as high-tech plays an increasing role in higher education. But really, he said, that’s okay with him: “How technology is shaping the way we learn—that’s incredibly interesting to me.”

In her presentation, President Carol Leary added that, “Those fortunate to work with him naturally become energized with his innate quality of inspired thought and, thus, the positive influence continues.”
Reflecting on that day, Testori said that he was “honored and humbled to win the award. It was a complete surprise!”

But while he acknowledges his own part in the greater whole that is the innovative thinking on campus, he said that really, credit needs to go to our entire College community’s culture. “This is just one more way that Bay Path is innovative, and staying on top of things.”

“It’s incredible to work with faculty, staff, and students who are ready, willing, and able to do that,” he added. “Here, people are ready for what is new.” 

Lucky for us, we have a person like Testori on campus. A “walking IT lab” is how he described himself. But, he added, “at Bay Path, so many of us wear different hats. And we’re all making sure our students have the tools to succeed.” 

Laughing, he said that it was hard even for him to replace textbooks and highlighters for a tablet e-reader. “It’s not the device though,” he explained. “Not at all. These tools help challenge the way we think about learning. It’s changing the way we see what is possible.”