Elementary Education

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies: Elementary Education

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What is it about teachers that make them so special?

It's a profession of caring people who inspire students of all ages, backgrounds and interests in their journey for knowledge. It's a profession guiding students to discover who they are, and helping them shape their life's view. It's a profession that can make a difference in our communities and in our world. 

In the education program at Bay Path you'll understand and develop the critical skills, processes and strategies that link teaching and learning. The curriculum incorporates a strong liberal arts foundation in history, math, science and other disciplines, and you'll learn how to present these subject areas to children that will encourage their interest and curiosity. In the special education courses, you'll examine the best practices for teaching children with disabilities or challenges. After successfully completing your prerequisites, you build on your theoretical base with pre-practicum experience. Throughout your development as a teacher, you'll be encouraged to define your own educational philosophy and style of teaching that can be integrated into a classroom, school and community.

Our Program

The elementary education program prepares you to teach in public elementary schools, grades 1 through 6. You build critical teaching skills and strategies, and develop a strong foundation in the academic disciplines, which provides a basis for excellence in teaching.

Our faculty prepare you to teach all the subjects required of an elementary school teacher including: geography, U.S. history, government, math, science, reading and language arts, English, art and music. Complementing these subject areas, you take courses in child development, special education, reading, and curriculum development. Most important, your professors work with you individually to build your unique teaching style through student practicums and teaching.

Elementary Education:
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