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Corporate Learning Experiences

Organizational leaders in our community have spoken.
And we have listened.

In today’s climate of accelerating change, it is imperative that your employees continually develop new skills. How do we know? You have told us. 

You've told us you need to ensure that your employees meet rising industry standards.

You've told us you want to retain and motivate your most talented staff.

And you've told us it a challenge for your organization to find the time and expertise to design training programs, conduct classes, assess learning outcomes and ensure training program completion.

That's where we can help.Two Women Planning

Bay Path University offers a range of unique non-credit programs to help our corporate partners develop emerging women leaders and first-time managers.

Our program offerings include:

Become a Partner

If you are considering partnering with us to meet your workforce needs, we would love to learn more about your organization. We are able to customize our non-credit program offerings to satisfy your specific goals.

Find out more about partnership possibilities by contacting ourSusan M. Director of Corporate and International Partnerships, Susan Manoussoff. We invite you to email Susan at or call her at 413.565.1348.

We're excited to share with you all the ways you can partner with Bay Path University to make a difference in your organization's readiness to succeed. And we look forward to working creatively with you. Contact us today.