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Bay Path Quick Facts

Bay Path University, an independent and not-for-profit institution, was named Among Fastest Growing Baccalaureate Colleges by the Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac, and is a member of the Women’s College Coalition. With a main campus and four satellite locations, Bay Path offers undergraduate, graduate (for women and men) degrees, and professional certificates.

Bay Path was established in 1897.

The name is based on a foot path used by Native Americans that was later formalized as a much-traveled commercial route between early Connecticut settlements and towns of the Massachusetts Bay Colony including Boston.

Enrollment (Fall 2016)

3225 Total | 1893 Undergraduate Students | 1332 Graduate Students


About 389 faculty members and appointments.


Approximately 15, 000 alumni around the world.


Seven teams compete at the NCAA Division III level, in the New England Collegiate Conference.

University Mascot



Carpe Diem, Latin for "Seize the Day"

Financial Statements

To request a copy of our audited financial statements contact the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administrative Services at 413.565.1251.

 Real Estate Holdings

62 acres